Polar Bears

Welcome to the Polar Bears class!

Welcome to Polar Bears! We are one of the Year 1 classes at Elmsleigh and we are some of the happiest learners you will find! We are growing each day to be the best, most resilient, confident and independent learners that we can be and we pride ourselves in trying hard in all we do. We especially love creative tasks in Polar Bears and, in our playing and learning time, you will find us busy building, painting, cutting and sticking, drawing, writing and playing imaginatively with our friends. 

Here are some of the things our children said about Polar Bears: 
“I love Polar Bears because I like making things and building things in playing and learning.”
“My favourite thing about Polar Bears is all my friends.”
“I like the lessons when we get the computers out the best!”
“I like our reading corner because it’s all snowy like a polar bear and we get good books!”
“I like making Mrs. Pettingale a cup of tea in the home corner. And cake, too!”