Pupil and Parent Voice

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Testimonial 9

I am extremely proud of J's progress over the last term. He has grown so much and is achieving all his goals that have been set for him. He has learned a lot, especially learning how to express his feelings and emotions. I cannot thank the school and the staff enough for their help and support with J. He wouldn't be where he is today if not for you all so thank you.

Testimonial 3

E has had an amazing year this year at Elmsleigh. I cannot praise Elmsleigh enough for the fantastic memories he has made over his four years here. After having children attend the school for the last 11 years I will be very sad to say goodbye. Elmsleigh has a wonderful team and all of my children have always felt very happy and safe and made great progress. Thank you for everything you have done.

Testimonial 8

What a rollercoaster this year has been with one thing and another L's learning became affected but with the support from Elmsleigh and all the staff, L has come on a long way and I cannot thank you all enough. The learning hub made in the hall has helped L have time out to learn, focus and be the smart, clever boy he is. And in Owls class L finds this very helpful and loves attending all sessions, we all have a great bond with the teachers. L's report has made me very happy and proud. Without all your support me and L would not be where we are now so thank you and I will make sure L continues with this good progress.

Testimonial 6

Wow! What a fantastic report! We are SO proud of A's report. A has worked so hard this year and it has been great to read such a fantastic report and super SATs results. A has had an amazing start to his school life at Elmsleigh. He started in reception as a quite a shy little boy and leaves a confident, happy and having a love of learning. Thank you to everyone who has helped A in anyway while he has attended Elmsleigh. He will miss you all.

Testimonial 1

O's progress has been AMAZING! We have seen massive changes in him over the year. He has come out of his shell, his speech is very good now! I was very scared when he started due to his needs, but I can leave him now knowing that he is in the BEST hands, and we are so grateful for everything you do. We cannot thank you enough for all your support with his cystic fibrosis. I'm sad that he has to leave his class but excited for his next step. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Testimonial 4

I understand that many parents will be happy, thrilled with their child's reports, but I am SO happy and pleased with how Elmsleigh has helped O. He has turned into a fantastic little man, he has many friends, loves having his little jobs to do. I really cannot express how happy I am with his progress. Although he will still have many battles within his life, I feel that he now has the confidence to take them on. So thank you!

Testimonial 2

We are bursting with pride with N's amazing report! To know that N has settled and made so much progress in his class is all we could ever wish for. The Nurture N has received from everyone in his class has helped N to blossom from a shy little boy into a confident, happy and fun little boy he is today. N has loved every minute of coming to his class and I know he will miss you all. Thank you for such an amazing start to N's school life.

Testimonial 7

We are really happy with R's progress through Year 2 and the whole of her time at Elmsleigh. R has grown into a very caring and polite young girl and I think this will set her up for her time at her next school. Thank you for your input you should be proud (and all her teachers and people who have supported her).

Testimonial 5

A huge thank you to his teachers. R has loved his time in reception. We have seen his confidence grow so much. The class team have done an excellent job of creating that spark and interest in learning within R. Thank you!