Welcome to the Year 2 Terrific Tigers class!

Together we are…
Sharing superstars!

We pride ourselves on working as a team and taking care of each other as well as being excellent role models for our younger children across school.
Tigers ALWAYS work hard and we aim high, trying our best with the fun challenges set for us. We enjoy learning and like RE, Art, Maths, Science, Reading, Music, PSHE, Computing, Writing and playing with our friends!

“Tigers class is the best because we get to do hard work!”Harry

“I like Tigers because we write interesting stories”Alfie

“I love Maths in Tigers!”Harriet

“History is cool, we are learning about the Titanic”Rosie

“We are family, and we work together!”

The class teacher is Miss Hamilton, also working with them is Mrs Tizzard and Mrs Stride.