Rainbow Room

Welcome to the Rainbow Room!

We are a very inclusive school with an Enhanced Resource unit which provides up to only 14 places for children with an Education and Health Care Plan which sets out their Special Educational Needs and entry is via Local Authority Panel. The Enhanced Resource base includes 2 teaching areas, a sensory exploration area, 1 withdrawal area, an outside learning space and separate secure play area, and a dedicated sensory room.
We offer a highly differentiated curriculum depending on the child’s stage of development, and not their age. Where possible, children are able to join their same-age peers for inclusion. For some children, the learning that most closely matches their needs is provided within the ERS base, whether this is studying a modified National Curriculum or, for our sensory learners, a bespoke curriculum based on the EYFS curriculum with a focus on sensory exploration. We also offer a range of interventions focusing on speech and language development, self-regulation via Zones of Regulation, and Social Use of Language.

If you feel the Rainbow Room might be a good fit for your child who has or is in the process of being assessed by the local authority for an EHC Plan, please contact our SENDCO and ERS Teacher, Mrs Powell.