Kids Zone

Please let us know if your child has not received a login.

We are excited to bring you access to Purple Mash at home.

Purple Mash is a creative educational website for children. It covers over 1,500 topics and all subject areas. Your child can access Purple Mash from home on a laptop, desktop or a tablet.
Purple Mash is a safe environment that does not require any downloading or allow interaction with people online and children cannot make any financial transactions.

We will be using Purple Mash in school and adding tasks that will support learning at home. For now, it would be great for you to log on at home and explore some of the activities on offer.

Simply go to the website and enter your child’s passcode (on their login card above – 2 digits – also represented as pictures).

Click on ‘Home’ and the following icons will be displayed:

Mini Mash

Mini Mash is the area of Purple Mash specifically designed for children in the ‘Early Years’. Inside, you’ll find a virtual classroom packed full of activities for children aged 5 and under.


There is a wide variety of games that are really fun to play but also help children practice their Maths & English skills. They are a great way to reinforce learning outside of school hours.


There are 20+ open-ended tools inside Purple Mash. They range in complexity from simple painting programs to sophisticated coding tools.

Underneath these icons there is a link to subject areas and topics. You can search for anything using the search bar in the right top corner of the screen.
You will notice on your child’s login card there is a parent code. You do not need to worry about this at this time, further information will follow.
For now login, explore and enjoy with your child.

Happy Purple Mashing!