Welcome to our Year 2 Zebras class!

We are a brilliant, intelligent class who celebrate our differences, because just like in the wild, all Zebras are unique!

We try our best every day and we love working as a team – teamwork makes the dream work! We are very proud of everything we do and celebrate each other’s accomplishments! We are brilliant role models for our younger children in school, we look after each other and make sure that everyone has a friend!

We enjoy our reading time every day and love sharing books and making recommendations.

“I enjoy computing lessons because I like finishing the challenges at the end of the coding lessons.”Layton

“My favourite lesson is Maths because I like working out problems”Aurora

“I love the teachers in Zebras class because they help me”Cole

“I like Zebras because we do hard work!”Betsy

“The reading corner is the best because there’s lots of nice books to read!”Kara

“I love making food in the play kitchen”Bella