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Governing Body

Governors meet at least once every half-term. Parents, the Headteacher, the Staff, members of the local community and the Local Authority are represented. They are all committed to the further development of the school and the achievement of the children who attend. Our Governors play an active role in supporting Elmsleigh and have a genuine interest in the success of our school.


Mrs Kelly Bannister0018

Chair of Governors

Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee, Personnel Appeals / Grievance/Discipline, Complaints Panel plus the named governor for The Arts/Design Technology,Safeguarding, Higher Attainers and Pupil Premium.

Mrs Karen Burton0001-2


Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee, Discipline and Anti Bullying.

Robert Stanhope

Mr Rob Stanhope
Co-Opted Governor

Buildings Committee, Community Cohesion and PSHE governor

I feel that through my position as site manager at Elmsleigh I can bring to the attention of the governing body problems with the fabric of the school and any improvements that need to take place. My day to day working within the school not as a member of the teaching staff enables me to have an insight into the running of the school and the well being of both the pupils and the staff.


Thomas RobinsonMr Thomas Robinson

Vice-Chair / Parent Governor

Buildings Committee and named governor for Science / Technology and ICT.


Mrs Maria Liddle
Staff Governor0031

Curriculum Committee, Resources Committee, Discipline and Anti Bullying.

I am the Deputy Headteacher at the school. As a Staff Governor I share the schools successes and challenges with the Governing Body. It is important that key information regarding standards of teaching and learning are discussed with the Governors to ensure exceptional practice is maintained. I share my knowledge of the school and use my expertise to address any queries the Governing Body may have about the curriculum, teaching and learning.

As a governor, I will work to ensure that every child will have the very best learning opportunities; that they are nurtured to develop into independent thinkers and enthusiastic learners, so they can develop into the best that they can be and reach their full potential.

Liam Bradbury

Mr Liam Bradbury

Co-Opted Governor

Personnel Appeals-Grievance/Discipline, Discipline / Anti Bullying and named governor for Numeracy and Safeguarding and Anti Bullying.

0032Mrs Kim Peace

Clerk to Governors

I have been Clerk to Governors since 1991.  I am also the School Business Manager and a member of the Senior Management Team.  I work closely with the Head Teacher and Chair of Governors to ensure that the school moves forward in line with the school improvement plan priorities and statutory requirements.

Mrs Jenny Guest

SEN Governor


Mrs S. BarnettMrs Sue Barnett

Co-opted Governor

Named Governor for ICT shared with Tom Robinson

I taught at Elmsleigh for over 30 years before retiring in 2012. I have continued to support the school with ICT which was my area of responsibility during the majority of my teaching career. I hope now my knowledge of both the school and ICT will prove useful to help and support Elmsleigh whilst being a Governor.


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