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Julia Fantarrow works alongside our SENCO Jenny Guest to provide Family Support.

They are available to listen and provide support to parents/carers and help with any issues that you may have in relation to supporting your children, both at home and at school.  They available to work with anyone who needs information about school matters as well as those requiring help accessing other people that can help.

This may involve organising a CAF meeting.  This meeting is a chance to get together all the people that can assess and help with a child’s additional needs and helps us to decide how those needs should be met with your involvement. As they regularly work with a range of people whose job it is to help children and parents/carers, I can make sure that this help is put in place earlier and more reliably. A CAF will help us tackle, along with other services, a broader range of social, behavioural and emotional issues acting as a barrier to the child’s learning. You would also be supported as much as possible during this process.


How to contact me

I am available through the school office/class teacher or should you see me around school then please do approach me personally. I would be delighted to meet you.




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